A brief introduction to my architecture studies.
Besides my profession as a business developer, media designer and visual designer I have studied architecture – it gives me inspiration for all my design work and storytelling.
A collection of some study projects – A sheet of a portfolio book.

Artist's House
Housing Design
A house-studio-combination
for Finnish rock pop singer-songwriter Maija Vilkkumaa

Scale model 1:100
Landscape model 1:500

Summer Sauna
Wood Construction Design
Co-designer Anna Ratia

Scale model 1:50
Location map 1:2000 | Site plan 1:500 | Wood Carcass / Structure Axonometry
Elevations 1:50
Elevation 1:20
Longitudinal section A-A 1:20
Cross sections (B-B, C-C, D-D) 1:20
Floor plan 1:20

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