Liialaa is a playful, fictional children's story world telling about a curious little girl called Liialaa who lives in a colourful garden with her friends. The stories tell about wonders of growing up, garden events, curiosity and discovery of new things.
Liialaa's stories will be published as books and apps.
Liialaa loves singing! Composer and songwriter Katja Kangas has made her a collection of beautiful little songs. Listen below to the Liialaa's theme in the concept teaser trailer.
Sanna Laakkonen (producer, author and illustrator, concept design of Liialaa's playful story worlds, books and apps)
Katja Kangas (music, lyrics)
The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture; Finnish Cultural Foundation
Liialaa's theme. A concept teaser trailer of the Liialaa's musical story book / app.
Liialaa's board book concept for small kids (a series of accordion folded picture books, 80 mm x 80 mm). Liialaa goes through whimsical routes and meets exciting characters and objects from everyday life and fantasy world.

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