Educate Me is an interactive visualisation that shows how primary education affects positively on a society. It simulates the spread of education and tells that education is the foundation of the welfare in a society. 
This was an experimental study project realized during the Dynamic Visual Design course in Aalto University Media Lab.
Additional info 
Educate Me was published on the Global Dignity website 2006. The application shared the Global Dignity project’s aim to get people interested in basic human rights and to inspire to make the world better place to live.
Educate Me provides a user a possibility to explore the spread of education in a society and the positive effects of education, especially for the welfare of development countries. It aims to increase the conciousness about the importance of basic education and to get users interested in how to help to educate all the children in the world. 
Educate Me offers a user a virtual possibility to have an influence on the education, that means, give children an opportunity to go to school, and explore the positive effects conjoined. The aim is that whenever convinced of the desired effects, the user will have information how to turn exploration into action and for example make donations for a real education campaign of charity organizations. So it inspires to action and shows how you can contribute on the situation.
The project is based on the hypothesis and the fact that increasing the number of educated children (children completed a full course of primary schooling), the community will develope more and more (generation by generation) capable to take care of itself and resolve better the problems of poverty, hunger, child mortality, health and diseases, safe drinking water, slum dwellers, trading and governance. So when the educated children grow, they are able to participate fully in the political, social and economic development of their communities. The parents who have received basic education in their childhood will more likely educate their own children and thereby boost the spread of education.

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