Mobile apps TekGame & TekGuide for the Museum of Technology

TekGame idea
In the TekGame you'll score points by solving puzzles and brainteasers about the museum objects. Developing innovations requires both creativity and knowledge. Creativity Consultant Aimo and Engineer Iina introduce you to Finnish innovations and at the same time test you skills as an innovator. In the end you'll discover which area was your strength in the game – knowledge or creativity.  
TekGuide and TekGame Brochures (140x140 mm, 4/4, Finnish+Swedish+English+Russian)
TekGame logo represents the game characters Creativity Consultant Aimo and Engineer Iina. TekGuide logo represents the four exhibitions of the round museum building. ​In each exhibition you will explore four objects from four different periods in Finnish history. 1. Our Life is Chemistry (yellow), 2. From Ore to Metal (grey), 3. From Metal to Products (orange) and 4. All Things of Wood (green). The team symbol represents the team that included three game designers (from Ubium), three content designers (from the Museum of Technology) and me as a responsible of visual design, UI design and graphic production.
The game action / task points at the museum exhibition hall were marked with the character stickers, QR-codes and floor markers.
Website: Score page 
Photos of the Museum of Technology. See more photos here.
Project description
TekGame is a mobile game developed in and for the Museum of Technology in Helsinki. It is an interactive tool by which a visitor can interact with the museum objects and learn about Finnish innovations. During the game player tests his or her own skills as an innovator, too. TekGame-project has been an area of research for a research group in the University of Eastern Finland, School of Computing. The focus of the research has been that of context, the mobile game as a context-aware learning space. Research also shows that developing an application in and for the museum demands trust and co-operation between the technical and non-technical experts. In the developing process testing and evaluation played a significant role. (Text by Leenu Juurola). 
Leenu Juurola (concept, ideation, project coordination)
Marianna Karttunen (ideation, sound and image editor)
Riina Linna (concept, ideation, content design)
Teemu Laine (concept, ideation, game design)
Mikko Vinni (concept, ideation, programming, game design)
Carolina Islas Sedano (concept, ideation, game design)
Sanna Laakkonen (visual concept, design and graphic production, UI graphics, website, marketing brochures)

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