The game and the exhibition introduced museum visitors to the history of the warning labels of the chemical substances and mixtures as well as to the new international CLP 2015 Regulation labelling and classification system.
The player learned to recognise the new warning symbols and to handle chemicals safely, keeping in mind both personal and environmental safety.
I was responsible for the game concept design together with the museum team, illustrations and game graphics (design and production) as well as the scheduling and budgeting the overall production including the game programming.
Museum of Technology, Helsinki
Publication year
More info about the project:
The need to provide information on the safe handling of chemicals was due to changes in the way chemical products were classified globally to identify hazards and changes in the labels and the content requirements of safety data sheets (SDSs).
The CLP regulation implements the United Nations’ Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling on Chemicals (GHS) in the EU. GHS is being adopted worldwide to improve and harmonise worker and consumer safety and to facilitate global trade.
The Finnish Work Environment Fund, Kemianteollisuus ry, Finnish Safety and Chemical Agency (TUKES)

Design workshop with the museum staff and the production team in April 2014. In addition to the learning game we also built a physical exhibition. The exhibition and the game were designed with the help of scale models, concept drawings, user scenarios and other service design tools.

Concept drawings. The game components included tagged physical objects that were linked to the visual game world projected on the museum wall. The movements were detected by the Kinect sensor.

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