Amanda's Adventures in History (Maijan Maailma) will be published as books and apps. The stories tell about a dreamy and curious schoolgirl who visits many interesting historical places and events. The history events and people are often magically intertwined with the present.
Sanna Laakkonen (concept designer, producer, author and illustrator), Raita Hagberg (story writer, pedagogical expertise)
The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture, The Committee for Public Information in Finland

Amanda has travelled to the 17th Century Japan. She meets a Japanese girl in a silent garden near the Dragon Pond. Should she follow the girl to the other side oft he pond?

In this picture Amanda is leaving her school in twilight. She was admiring the rococo costumes in the school theater's wardrobe and the time passed unnoticed. The janitor is coming to lock the doors and Amanda sneaks out.

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