A permanent museum exhibition and the book describing the history of Olavinlinna, the castle of St. Olaf. Olavinlinna castle is one of the most well known historical sights in Finland and many events, like the Savonlinna Opera Festival, are held inside its halls.
The Finland's National Board of Antiquities
Publication years
2010 (exhibition: If the Walls Could Tell – Pickings from the Phases of the Castle); 2011 (book: In the Shelter of the Walls – Life in Olavinlinna Castle)
My roles and responsibilities
graphic design and production, including also illustrations, information visualization, image processing and prepress works
Team and partners
Johanna Nordman and Päivi Hakanpää / The National Board of Antiquities (the ideation of the project, text and image editors); Sanna Laakkonen (graphic design and production); Markku Haverinen (photographer, the photos of the objects); Minna Väisänen (3D-models); Hanna Lyytinen / Arkkitehtitoimisto Hanna Lyytinen Oy (design of the exhibition structures), etc.
The Exhibition Book: In the Shelter of the Walls – Life in Olavinlinna Castle. Museovirasto 2011, 40 s., nid., ISBN 978-951-616-222-8.
Some Book Spreads 
The Castle's Strategic Location
Food Management at the Castle
Banqueting Hall Under the Arches
The Weapons
Exhibition boards
Storeroom in the Shelter of the Tower
The Building of the Castle
Castle Settlement and the Surrounding Islands
Rondelle –  A Round Cannon Tower for Effective Defence
Tower Room in Dual Use – Defence and Living
Textiles and Furniture in the Castle
Brochures and Maps

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