Publication year
2009, Masters of Arts Exhibition, Helsinki University of Art and Design
Work Description
The Woods of Little Red is an interactive walk-in multisensory installation space with exciting areas to explore. The work is on the scene of the classical fairytale where Little Red arrives at a crossroads and has to make a choice between two paths: the one mother told her to take and the one the wolf recommends. 
The paths lead to different atmospheres in the maze: light green or mystical black parts. When proceeding, the springlike woods turn into a snowy winter and the shadowy woods into a colourful flower meadow. The paths marked with different colours and materials crisscross between the spaces. Sensors responding to footsteps are hidden under the path. On certain spots, a change in atmosphere is created on veiled walls with rear projected, abstract, dynamic images and electronic soundscape. 
Thematically the work tells about one’s choices, encounters and growing up (as the traditional fairytales usually do). However, the work is meant to be so abstract and rather atmospheric than narrational that it allows the spectators to make their own choices and interpretations and inspires them to tell their own stories. 
The Woods installation on the Lume Gallery at the Masters of Arts Exhibition 2009.
The MA thesis book describing the design process.
The guest book.
"Mom, come! It's snowing here!"
"This is our secret world!"
"Ooh, we are in a forest in autumn"
A brief overall view of the work – A portfolio sheet describing the production (in Finnish).

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