The game and the exhibition introduce you to the history of the warning labels of the chemical substances and mixtures and to the new international CLP 2015 Regulation labelling and classification system. 
The learning experience starts by purchasing an old lakeside cabin that needs to be fixed up for the summer. The cabin will be built up by solving the tasks related to the various chemicals.
The player learns to recognize the new pictograms, to use chemical substances safely and to contribute to the environmental safety.
Museum of Technology, Helsinki
Publication year
Tech specs
Game components: wall projected game graphics, audio feedback, physical UI objects representing various chemical substances, game table with a Kinect sensor
More info about the project
The need of informing about warning labels and the safe use of chemicals results from the change in how chemical products are classified to identify hazards and changes to the information which is communicated to users of chemicals on labels and in safety data sheets (SDSs).
The CLP regulation implements the United Nations’ Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) in the EU. GHS is being adopted worldwide to improve and harmonise worker and consumer safety and facilitate global trade.
Riina Linna, The Museum of Technology (concept design, scriptwriting); Jari Kettunen, The Museum of Technology (concept design, scriptwriting, sounds); Tapani Mikkola, The Museum of Technology (exhibition constructions); Jari Suominen, Tasankokaiku Productions (concept design, code and electronics); Sanna Laakkonen (graphic design and production, concept design, project planning).
The Finnish Work Environtment Fund, Kemianteollisuus ry, Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (TUKES)
TASK 9: "Old toxic chemicals have been left in the attic and need to be cleared away. Find a toxic bottle from the image..."
TASK 9 FEEDBACK (when a user doesn't find the correct chemical product from the attic...)
TASK 9 FEEDBACK  (when the user has found the correct bottle and placed it to the game table): "Good, these products should not usually be at home, so they need to be taken to the hazardous waste disposal point..."
TASK 5: "Oh no! Someone has left the gas bottles next to the heater! Find the right bottle from among the items before they go kaboom."
TASK 5 FEEDBACK (when a user has found the right bottle among the game objects and placed it on to the game table): "Good, pressurised gases must be stored in a well-ventilated facility and protected from sun light. They can blow up when heated."
TASK 4: "Gosh it’s dark. Should you light a match or flashlight?"
TASK 4 FEEDBACK (when a user has chosen a match): "How about using a flashlight instead?" 
TASK 4 FEEDBACK (when a user has chosen a flashlight): "Good job! Explosives need to be protected from heat and open flames. Explosives are not usually found at home, but are stored in dedicated facilities."
The summer cottage and its surroundings will be built gradually by solving the tasks related to the warning labels and the chemical substances and mixtures.

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