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I am a digital media designer, media artist and marketing communications specialist working in Helsinki, Finland. I have studied new media art, graphic design, marketing as well as architecture and landscape architecture (MA in New Media). 
Currently I work as a visual communications designer in the Finland's Ministry of Transport and Communications. Before that I worked in pre construction at Skanska, consulting in publications, graphic design and visual communications.
I have created this site a few years ago when working as an entrepreneur and freelance artist to showcase my projects. I ran my own media consultancy and graphic design business for over five years and created media services mainly for technical and cultural history museums, learning organizations and literature and publishing sector. I also got some grants to proceed my media art and game art projects.
I'm interested in researching and designing human-friendly services where digital and physical environment operate seamlessly together. Many of my past works are related to cultural heritage and environment as I have always been fascinated by the study of the past and the possible futures, the structures of and our place and identity in time and space. I also follow with passion the fields of contemporary art and design and the publishing and game industry. 
My values include economic, environmental and social sustainability, empathy, equality, accessibility, aesthetics, functionality and freedom of learning, invention and creation.
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